Whether you decide to buy a sleeping bag with down or synthetic insulation, it’s important to care for it so it lasts for a long time. 

Tips to keep your sleeping bag in top condition: 

  • Avoid getting your sleeping bag soaked by water as this will severely affect its performance. 
  • Clean yourself before going to bed —  grime from the day will be absorbed into the material and the insulation, which can decrease performance over time. To prevent this, use a liner as this will protect your sleeping bag, like bed sheets protect your mattress. 
  • Zips can get stuck but do not force them open or pull the fabric out of the zip too aggressively, as this may cause it to rip. This is especially the case for lightweight sleeping bags, as the fabric is usually thinner to reduce weight. 
  • Long-term compression will affect the insulating power and warmth of your sleeping bag. Once back home from a trip, be sure to air your sleeping bag out and then store it in a large bag so it can loft properly in between uses.
  • Avoid washing your sleeping bag too often, instead try spot cleaning. If you really need to clean your sleeping bag, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.