In short, use your shoes for their intended application, clean them regularly and store them in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.

Intended application

Consider using different shoes for different applications — hiking on rough terrain in your runners designed for road running will make them wear out faster. Just the same, wearing your trail running shoes on the road will likely make the studs designed for grip on off-road terrain wear away much faster.

Regular cleaning

Keeping your shoes clean will make them last longer. In general, you should let your shoes air out after every run and rinse off dust or mud. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s information for specific products which are suitable for the material.

Storage tips

Moisture allows the growth of bacteria which can cause the shoe material to break down faster than expected. Also, direct sunlight can make your shoes dry out and become stiff, leading to cracks in the soles. 

Here’s how to store them so that they have a long life:

  • Put silica pouches or newspaper in your shoes to keep them dry and free of bacteria.
  • Use bags or storage solutions made with breathable fabrics.
  • Store your shoes somewhere protected from the weather.
  • Only put your shoes away when they are fully dry.